Gaming for Wildlife

Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Rescue Season

Rovio's activation for the Green Game Jam focuses on raising awareness and supporting the preservation of Amazon wildlife. In the game, the lush jungles of the Amazon will become the new background, introducing players to wildlife animals in need of rescue. Players will help the cute Angry Birds save these endangered animals, forming heartwarming friendships along the way. By playing levels, players can unlock images of the critically endangered harlequin toad and participate in special in-game events like the Rescue Season and Jigsaw.

Rovio will donate to protect the Amazon wildlife ecosystem and actively encourages players to contribute as well. After completing levels with a special Milkywire booster, players will be directed to the Milkywire website to learn more about the cause and make their own donations. Through engaging gameplay, in-game messages, and the opportunity to support conservation efforts, Rovio aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the biodiversity of Amazon wildlife and inspire players to take action.

The activation spans several weeks and offers players the chance to discover and fall in love with the wonderful animals of the Amazon while actively participating in their rescue and learning about the cause.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 6th 2023