The Playing for the Planet Alliance consists of the following member categories:

1. Game Studios who have at least one live game on the market with an existing audience.
2. Trade Associations that are active within the games industry who support the overall objectives of the Alliance and represent a wider constituency of gaming studios.
3. Industry Supporters which are other companies that don't fit within the above two categories and include investors, peripheral manufacturers, and service providers with high emission factors like ad networks and distribution platforms.

Why you should join the Alliance

Collaborate with a group of industry leaders where you can learn from and with others.

Discover common solutions to complex problems which benefit the entire industry.

Work with the highest standards and gain access to UNEP validated resources.

How to Become a Member

Whether you have already started your sustainability journey or are just looking to start making a difference we would love to have you onboard as a member.

If you fall into any of the above mentioned member categories, we encourage you to reach out and share some information with us about your organization, yourself, and your environmental goals.

From there we will organize a call to get to know each other and share all you need to know on becoming a member. The expectation for all members is to:

1. Take action to reduce your carbon footprint set science based carbon emission reduction targets that meet the criteria of reputable initiatives such as SBTi, Race to Zero, or The Climate Pledge;
2. Support key annual objectives such as the Green Game Jam and implement green activations into your games;
3. Lead or contribute to a priority initiative for the Alliance in a given year;
4. Contribute to the Annual Impact Report by sharing the yearly progress towards your commitments;
5. Make a financial contribution based on your annual revenue to support he growth and work of the Alliance.

Join Playing for the Planet