Sega Europe

SEGA has been at the forefront of digital entertainment since 1960, entertaining the world with innovative, creative experiences, one community at a time. From the 16-bit nostalgia fuelled era of the world-famous Mega Drive to the content first mentality of the publisher that today brings you Total War, Football Manager, Two Point Hospital and so much more, one thing has remained consistent: quality, player focused games. 2020 marked SEGA’s 60th Anniversary and SEGA’s journey to becoming the company it is today is a story that features a diverse and wonderful cast of players from all backgrounds. It’s seen SEGA and SEGA’s studios release games for almost every conceivable format, with every high and low along the way shaping our future towards continued innovation in entertainment.  SEGA Europe will:

  • Help to reduce plastic usage in the games industry and beyond, through the development of a packaging protocol for the Alliance.
  • SEGA Europe is also committed to reducing its own carbon footprint following an internal audit and to bringing other areas of the business into the Alliance.

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