The mission of the Playing for the Planet Alliance is to inspire our communities, change our industry and decarbonize our platforms in order to promote, protect, and play for the planet.

For all our projects we work according to three principles for collaboration:

We are Inclusive

We embrace and actively cultivate diversity, to enable the best of the entire industry to rise for positive impact.

The Mission is the Metric

We'll focus on work streams that will have the greatest impact for the planet. Specifically strategic synergies and new and ambitious actions.

We Will Work as One Team with Kindness and Respect

We operate with a 'yes, and' mindset with the default mode to serve the United Nations' goals and contribute to the sector at large.


At Playing for the Planet we aim to support the entire video games industry with practical tools and insights. On this page you will be able to find resources created by us, our members, and other companies and initiatives that can help you and your organisation on its environmental journey. Whether you are at a AAA or an indie studio, hopefully these resources will help you to get started and/or take your organization to the next stage. A crucial part of becoming better as an industry is to share our knowledge, tools, and best practices with each other so that we don't all need to reinvent the wheel.