Founded in 2003, with almost two decades of success in the online world, Berlin based GameDuell offers a broad portfolio of over 70 multiplayer titles on the popular game site as well as on social networks and mobile devices. With more than 130 million registered players across all platforms, and with a great team of 130 team members working in a culture of fun, openness, and high performance, GameDuell strives to bring people together to have a good time with games. We are co-founders of the “Leaders for Climate Action” initiative, which is an entrepreneurial community in the digital industry that drives climate action and uses their influence & network to contribute to the fight against climate change.

GameDuell will:

  • Inspire the players and the team members to take action in environmental protection and raise awareness by providing information, for example through in-game features as well as on their own website, and during team meetings and events,
  • Exchange knowledge among the Alliance members to help them in their steps towards sustainability,
  • Actively work on reducing its own environmental impact and carbon footprint in order to stay within the IPCC special report and Paris Climate Agreement 1.5°C global warming scenario,
  • Consider environmentally-friendly aspects in its business processes and its charity donation guidelines,
  • Offset inevitable surplus emissions measured in CO2 equivalents to reforestation projects around the globe, on Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard programs, which contribute in a measurable way to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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