Alibaba Yuanjing

Alibaba Yuanjing is a leading metaverse cloud streaming operating system and application computing architecture for the next generation of the internet in China. It is a brand established by Alibaba Group, specializing in real-time cloud rendering, meta-application computing technology, and metaverse services.

With innovation and market value creation as its mission, Alibaba Yuanjing centers on its core technologies of the metaverse cloud streaming operating system and application computing architecture. It works in fields such as metaverse applications, cloud rendering, and cloud gaming to provide an integrated full-stack service that encompasses 3D real-time content cloud streaming infrastructure, technical tools, innovative applications, and a commercial platform, with a focus on empowering various industries' demand for 3D real-time content and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content). These industries include commercial retail, e-commerce, cultural tourism and creativity, industrial fields, pan-entertainment, education, gaming, government services, and more.

As of September 2023, Yuanjing has served over a hundred medium to large clients, with users accumulating nearly 300 million hours of operation time. Notable clients include miHoYo, BMW, Xi'an Museum, Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Park, Mobile Tmall, bilibili, NetEase, Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, 360 Games, among others.


a) Aim to follow Alibaba Group commitment to promote the contribution of cloud gaming to carbon neutrality through extending the lifetime of old equipment, enhancing cloud computing efficiency and powering our cloud computing with clean energy and sharing the learnings of this with others in the Alliance. By 2030, Yuanjing will achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations.

b) Promote low-carbon and environmentally friendly awareness among players through gamified products or innovation contest events inside Alibaba.

c) Encourage more partners to join and contribute in the field of carbon neutrality by spreading the idea of being environmental friendly from P4P.

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