Dutch Games Association

The Dutch Games Association (DGA) is the trade association representing the games industry in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help the Dutch games industry achieve its full potential.

The Dutch games industry is a unique blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It is the home of internationally celebrated successes such as Guerrilla Games, Triumph Studios and Vertigo Games. Games from the Netherlands are played all over the world. With hundreds of companies providing thousands of high-tech and creative jobs, it is a significant portion of the creative industry. It is also a fast-growing sector, that is resilient in facing today’s challenges.

Our membership commitments:

  1. Inspire our game development studio members to take action through play by integrating educational content on environment and green nudges in games.
  2. Inspire our members to take part in the next Green Game Jam.
  3. Inspire our members to reduce their carbon footprint and strive to a net zero carbon emissions plan aligned with Paris Agreement.
  4. Reduce our own carbon footprint and strive to a net zero carbon emissions plan by 2030.
  5. Join the Green Game Jam thematic working group.
  6. Seek out new creative actions that can be collectively taken which would advance this cause.

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