CM Games

Founded in 2010, CM Games has grown from a small team of enthusiasts to a modern game and service developer with a team of more than 130 professionals worldwide. We’ve built and launched ground-breaking mobile, VR, and PC games enjoyed by at least 500 million players.

Initially best known for our racing series, we shaped a new genre by creating Drag Racing and, later, Nitro Nation series — iconic drag and drift games that persisted at the top of category rankings for a decade and attracted hundreds of millions of downloads. To take the franchise to the next level, we’ve partnered with Mythical Games to work on Nitro Nation World Tour, a next-gen racing game where players can truly own their assets thanks to blockchain technology.

VR games are another part of the company's DNA, with our debut game Into The Radius being ranked Steam VR Platinum in 2021 and 2022, and becoming a Meta Quest bestseller following its launch on standalone VR.  Having recently announced an upcoming sequel, we continue experimenting with other play modes and settings enabled by this exciting medium. Driven by our mission to create experiences that are loved forever, we continue to faithfully serve our players while pushing the envelope across new platforms and technologies.

CM Games will promoting environmentally conscious choices and lifestyles across its gaming products by:

  • Using climate-related themes for game updates and live events
  • Explaining the reasons behind an ecological disaster in a game set in its aftermath
  • Introducing and encouraging specific play mechanics (such as planting trees in-game) that model eco-conscious behavior.

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