Gaming for Wildlife

Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds Journey

Animal Sanctuary

In this activation, players have the opportunity to feed different jungle animals by collecting animal food bags while playing levels in the game. By trading these food bags, players can earn rewards and bonuses.

The focus of the activation is on animals from the Amazon Rainforest, and the goal is to replicate the experience of contributing to real-life wildlife sanctuaries. The activation aims to inspire players to take action outside the game and support wildlife welfare.

Upon entering the game, players will receive a mail introducing the activation, directing them to the Green Game Jam 2023 website, where they can learn more about the subject and have the option to donate. This helps raise awareness and provides an opportunity for players to make a real-world impact. They can then access the animal sanctuary, which showcases different animals from the Amazon Rainforest. By collecting enough food bags, players can trade them for rewards. The Animal Sanctuary Icon remains present in the main menu, allowing players to continue playing levels and collecting food bags.

Through gameplay and engagement with the Animal Sanctuary, players will learn about the amazing and endangered Amazon Rainforest, promoting environmental awareness and encouraging players to support wildlife conservation efforts.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 8th 2023