Gaming for Wildlife


Asphalt 8

Green Game Jam

We've crafted a one-of-a-kind experience within our game, showcasing the world's most remarkable electric sports cars: Rimac Nevera and Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. We will feature a Time-Limited Event, enabling users to drive both of the cars and compete for valuable rewards. Our intention is to ignite a passion for wildlife conservation among the gaming community. As a symbol of our dedication, we've developed an exquisite snow leopard-themed decal exclusively for the Rimac Nevera. This intricate design embodies the elegance of real-life snow leopards. This decal will be available in the event and sold in our shop separately. The shop will also feature bundles with the cars, and in support of our cause, a portion of the sales will be donated.

This activation serves as a catalyst to raise awareness about the preservation of snow leopards and the vital importance of safeguarding the Himalayas' ecosystem. We invite our players to embark on an impactful and exciting journey to explore the challenges these remarkable creatures face. The process of spreading awareness commences on our social media platforms and other owned channels. It then seamlessly transitions into an immersive in-game event, ultimately providing players with an opportunity to make a difference by contributing to donations through in-game purchases and special welcome screens.

Supporting The Himalayas
Play this activation between June 3rd - 25th 2023