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Green Game Jam Event

In the Beatstar activation for the Green Game Jam, players can compete for high scores in a weekend Leaderboard event by playing songs from artists who are passionate about conservation or nature-themed songs. Rewards, including cosmetic items inspired by the three ecosystems and species, will be given to top performers. The activation aims to raise awareness about conservation by exposing hundreds of thousands of players to information about the cause through in-game links to resources like Milkywire.

A corporate donation will be made, and a share of the revenue generated by the event will be donated as well. By featuring nature-themed music and environmentally conscious artists, the activation uses star power to emphasize the importance of the cause.

Players will be greeted with event notifications and a newsfeed upon logging into Beatstar. They can choose songs to compete on, earning Tokens based on their performance. These Tokens can be exchanged for random prizes, including Green Game Jam cosmetics. A Grand Prize is guaranteed every 10 attempts, adding excitement to the player journey.

Supporting the Amazon, Himalayas, and Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between June 9th -12th 2023