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Goodgame Studios

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Jumping Toad Charity Event

All Big Farm: Mobile Harvest players can expect a brand new and fun minigame. The "Jumping Toad Charity Event“ is a fast-paced, top down, endless runner in which players take on the role of a toad which jumps through the rainforest to progress and earn rewards. With this special activation, the game is combining the charity aspects with adding a new minigame to their minigame collection which is loved by the community.

To give the players an extra boost of motivation, there will be amazing in-game rewards. The total amount of jumps combined by the entire in-game community will also have a great impact on the amount of money the game will donate to safeguard the harlequin toads in the Amazon. Players will have a direct positive impact by playing this minigame!

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between May 27th - June 5th 2023