Gaming for Wildlife


Boom Beach

Turtle Division

In Boom Beach's new activation, "Turtle Division," players are tasked with defeating the Droid Turtle, a mechanical creation of villain Dr. T, to save innocent sea turtles that have been stolen. The in-game event requires players to participate and earn Turtle Trophies as rewards for their victory. Players can also contribute to sea turtle conservation by purchasing a Dr. T and Turtle Statue, with proceeds going to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

The activation goes beyond the game, involving the Creator community. CosmicDuo creates educational video interviews with conservation experts, raising awareness about the challenges faced by sea turtles in the wild. Players are encouraged to adopt and name a turtle, and they can follow its real-life migratory pattern through the Tour de Turtles run by the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Supercell has made a significant donation to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and players have the opportunity to contribute funds as well. Through engaging social media posts, in-game events, video content, and collaboration with the Creator community, the activation aims to raise awareness and leave a lasting impression about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Supporting Turtles
Play this activation between May 23rd - June 8th 2023