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Brawl Stars

Save the Frogs

Brawl Stars is celebrating World Environment Day by engaging players in a special in-game event called "Save the Frogs." Players will be challenged to rescue endangered Harlequin Toads through various in-game activities. By collecting the toads during battles and achieving victory, players can earn rewards such as coins, power points, and exclusive Harlequin Toad cosmetics like pins, sprays, and player icons.

The focus of this activation is to raise awareness and educate players about the Amazonian ecosystem and the importance of species like the Harlequin Toad. Brawl Stars aims to reach a young audience that cares about making a positive impact. They will use their social platforms to share educational posts, direct players to the Milkywire site for more information or direct donations to the Green Game Jam 2023 goal.

Players will be notified of the "Save the Frogs" event through an automatic pop-up when they open Brawl Stars. The event will take place in the "Bounty" game mode, featuring quests that players need to complete to earn Harlequin Toad-themed cosmetics such as player icons and pins.

Brawl Stars will also share an event announcement, email and an in-game blog post, encouraging players to learn more about the frogs and the Amazon ecosystem and participate in the event.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 5th-8th 2023