Gaming for Wildlife

Ubisoft Blue Mammoth Games


Players can purchase an ocean-themed in-game charity Emote designed specifically for this year's activation. Proceeds from this item will be donated to Oceana. Players will learn about the ongoing issues our oceans face, the importance of the biodiversity within the ocean and how that can preserve future generations, as well as ways they can help preserve our oceans for the future.

Our goal was to inspire change and impact, which can only start with raising awareness of the situation. Our various activations will encourage players to seek information and understand about the harmful impacts happening in the ocean, while learning the positive ways we can conserve it. We focused on the Western Indian Ocean ecosystem using our shark Legend, Mako, as our mascot.

Players will open the game and receive an in-game Title Reward exclusive to the activation. Then they will see our in-game News page pop-up promoting the in-game charity Emote and social campaign, or they’ll see in-game tiles promoting the in-game charity Emote and the exclusive in-game Avatar from the social campaign. To purchase, players will be able to click from the tile or go to the in-game store, where it will be a featured item.

On the day of the Charity Stream, players will see a tile in-game and a social media message advertising the Stream. If they are following Brawlhalla on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, they can be alerted of the Stream directly and watch it on those platforms. During the 12-hour stream, players will have the opportunity to donate directly to Oceana, which will also affect the Brawlhalla Devs on stream. They’ll see notifications of their donation as well as be acknowledged by Brawlhalla Devs on stream.


After seeing the link on the Brawlhalla social media account or the in-game News page, players will be directed to a Brawlhalla website post or Gleam giveaway, which will take them through a series of steps that educate them and/or ask them to amplify (ex: retweet) a message about the initiative. They will then be rewarded with a code for an Avatar, which is an in-game Brawlhalla item (separate from the ocean-themed Emote).

Supporting the Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between August 9th - September 5th 2023