Gaming for Wildlife

Tencent Games

Carbon Island

Earth Day Event

In collaboration with Tencent Charity Foundation, our game launches an event focused on snow leopard conservation and a donation project to protect the species. We aim to educate players on biodiversity conservation and encourage their active participation in public welfare activities.

By leveraging game resources, we act as a bridge between players and public welfare, fostering a sense of achievement and satisfaction in biodiversity conservation.Through in-game advertising and partnerships with Tencent, players actively participate in the donation project and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of wildlife and biodiversity. The game integrates popular science content and promotes wildlife protection through pictures and texts, further influencing players' awareness of conservation.

Players encounter public welfare donation content when they open the game, mobilizing them to participate in the action. By watching game ads and receiving rewards, players learn about snow leopard protection and voluntarily contribute to the advertising public welfare donations.

Supporting the Himalayas
Play this activation between April 22nd - June 30th 2023