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Diggy's Adventure

Toad's Journey

In Diggy's Adventure, players join the main character Diggy on a mission to rescue a little Harlequin Toad named Clown, who has been taken by poachers from the jungles of Panama. Throughout the journey, Diggy and Clown face critical issues like deforestation, poaching, and a deadly fungus that threaten the existence of this rare species.

The gameplay takes players through various natural habitats that have faced recent threats, aiming to educate them about these environmental issues while providing an engaging storyline. To support the cause, players have the option to donate by purchasing a special pack containing in-game items, with the proceeds going toward saving the Harlequin Toad.

The event raises awareness about the environmental challenges endangering the toad's habitat, and players actively contribute to solving the causes of its endangerment. Players embark on a separate mini-story within Diggy's Adventure, exploring different locations around the world and solving challenging puzzles to aid in the rescue of the endangered species.

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