Gaming for Wildlife


Dragon Mania Legends

Join us in protecting harlequin toads and manta rays

Dragon Mania Legends offers a unique and entertaining way to interact with live beings without causing them any harm. By obtaining the Manta-Ray Dragon or Harlequin Toad Dragon, players can experience the beauty of these rare creatures that are disappearing from our unprotected environment. Not only will players have the opportunity to train these dragons to fight against Vikings, but you'll also be contributing to the protection of endangered species. Just imagining petting these majestic creatures was enough to inspire us to bring them to life in the game. Dragon Mania Legends provides a safe and enjoyable platform for players to learn about endangered species and contribute to their conservation.

By acquiring the special themed in-game dragons, players are invited to contribute to protection of Manta Rays and Harlequin Toads. The game tries to make players aware of the impact of climate changes on the planet, and all the species habitats, and hopes that in the future players will actively participate to their protection starting by thinking how they could act in a more responsible way in their daily activities.

Supporting the Amazon and Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation on June 6th 2023