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Our week-long community event focuses on three ecosystems and three endangered animals, appearing at four locations in the game. Players collect event currency and fish out a stingray to "save" it, with the main goal of catching entangled stingrays and earning currency to donate funds to chosen projects of Milkywire.

The activation highlights the importance of all three ecosystems (Amazon, Himalayas, and Indian Ocean) and educates players about endangered species through in-game pop-ups. By participating in the event, players expand their awareness of environmental issues, and the company makes a donation to Milkywire. The event goes beyond rewards, providing daily tips to raise awareness and educate players about endangered species and locations. The narrator, a braided stingray, guides players throughout the week in educational material.

Through gameplay and donations, our event aims to make a real-world impact while engaging and educating players about the importance of biodiversity conservation.

In addition to the long event each day there will be an event on location where it is about 1 species:

1 Day event on Amazon and information on the endangered harlequin frog.

2 Days  event with the addition of a new fish to the Himalayas and education about the snow leopard.

Children's Day, on this occasion we will present three endangered species in a cardboard version, along with a pearls sale for players.

Friday and Saturday
There  will be new fish added to Seychelles, the biggest rarity of our game, the Legendary fish.
We have also added stingrays to this fishery to make players aware.
Legendary Lure will be a reward for players for a long event with special braided stingray.

In the end there will be an event with free stingray wandering around the environment.

Supporting the Amazon, Himalayas, and Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between May 29th - June 5th 2023