Gaming for Wildlife

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi


Wildlife Weekend Event

Hosting a Wildlife Event was a great fit as the game’s core mechanics are built on growing trees and in order to incentive this, we are able to combine some amazing pixels and push awareness on endangered species too! The sandbox nature of the game allows for creative freedom and an outlet for awareness through gameplay systems and items.

Importantly, an image of a tree remains in the world as a background item which educates on the harmfulness of deforestation in real life. The reward items consisted of the Scarlet Macaw, Jellyfish, Riding Rhino, Harlequin Toad, Snow Leopard and many more! In the item description, we took the opportunity to speak more about these species and their importance.

More importantly, we drove various Community Activations through our social platforms such as Discord, Instagram, YouTube and more. We partnered up with Ecologi who are dedicated towards the conservation of our planet - where a percentage was provided to Ecologi for every Wildlife Event Pack purchased.

Supporting Reforestation
Play this activation between March 10th - 12th 2023