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Hungry Shark Evolution


Save The Manta Rays!
Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a greedy ship captain is gathering a team to go fishing manta rays in a sanctuary he has discovered. Once they set off for the sanctuary, the manta ray leader of the colony heard about his evil plans. Well aware that the colony stands no chance if the fishermen get there, the manta ray leader asked their shark friends for help.

Threatened Marine Life
We want to raise awareness about threatened marine life and contribute to the education of players on that front. For this activation, we are partnering with Marine Megafauna Foundation to educate players on  the dangers faced by manta rays and how we can collaborate to reduce those risks.

Manta Rays Event
Players will have access to the event where they will have a progress bar that will be filled in as the player performs the usual in game actions.

At certain points in the progress bar, a special event will be triggered:
- A rescue mission where you must find the baby manta rays and escort them back with their mother
- A boss battle where you have to defeat an evil fisherman

Completing these events will give a reward to the player. We will also add a number of manta ray medals in the map. These medals will unlock a tip pop-up which will show information about the ecosystems and the threats that affect manta rays and they also grant the player a small in-game reward.

Each tip will be related to the location where the medal is located. These tips will have two parts:
- A question, that is always visible
- An answer, unlocked when the player finds the related medal in the map

Supporting the Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between June 2nd - 11th 2023