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Protect Baby Manta Rays

The aim of the event will be to locate, save and escort baby Manta Rays away from the clutches of Glutwell’s boats, divers and submarines looking to fish these precious animals. Players will need to defeat these fishers before being able to save the baby manta rays and escort them to safety.

The activation aims to improve player knowledge of the Manta Ray species in particular covering the threats to their livelihood. Then the players will learn that not only Manta Rays, but all the ocean’s species require protection. Players will be introduced to international ocean conservation advocacy organization Oceana to enable them to support ocean protection and restoration. Information about this organization and facts about Manta Rays will be shared in-game and via social media posts.

When players launch the game, they will be directed to the 'Protect Baby Manta Ray' event. They will have to fight off Glutwell’s fleet of minions to free the Baby Manta Rays and escort them to safety. Players will be rewarded with currency and unique rewards for completing this event, depending on how many times they complete this game loop.

Supporting the Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between September - October 2023