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Manta Mission

During our 12-day activation, players are invited to take part in a series of themed Events to educate themselves on the harmful impact of debris and micro plastics on our oceans and on species like the Manta Ray. We will introduce a new collectible Super Manager, a Marine Biologist with a mission to protect the home of their beloved Manta Ray friend. Players will help them collect water samples and research the negative effects of pollution on Manta Rays. They will also get a chance to remove harmful plastics from the ocean and receive special rewards for that. To round out the activation, we will expedite our development of a new news system, to share educational facts with our players on how plastics impact the life of these gentle giants, and ways they can support the cause.

Inspiration for activation
Single-Use Plastics are pervasive in everyday life, so we believe this is an opportunity to show how our reliance on these products destroys our environment. We believe we can have a large impact by focusing our activation on a topic where all players have a power to make positive changes through their consumption choices. By highlighting the impact of micro plastics and debris on manta rays in an interactive and meaningful way, we’ll encourage players to reflect on how they can make a difference. With this, we hope to invite players to both educate themselves, and contribute towards the goals of the Green Game Jam in 2023.

Focus Area
The activation will work in partnership with Marine Megafauna Foundation’s mission to conduct research in the Indian/Pacific oceans around South East Asia to protect the habitat of Manta Rays and their feeding grounds from harmful plastics, and other debris. Together with our in-game activation we’ll use our social media channels to share support and website links to MMF with our players. It will empower them to contribute to our partner’s mission to protect Manta Rays and their ecosystems. We will support our in-game events with facts and information about Manta Rays, the impact of single-use plastics, and the importance of being considerate and mindful to these sea creatures, and their habitat.

Supporting the Indian and Pacific Ocean
Play this activation between June 12th - 23rd 2023