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Imagine Earth

Mission - Saving Planet B

In this activation, players are tasked with ecologically transforming a planet and its civilization in order to combat climate change. The mission will be playable for a week, and the game will run an event on Steam to draw players' attention to the action. The chosen focus is on protecting the Amazon Rainforest, aligning with the game's theme of forests and greenhouse gas compensation. The game developers have committed to planting a tree for every game sold, contributing to real-world reforestation efforts.

Players have the opportunity to make a tangible impact by planting at least 20 forests on a single planet within the game, symbolizing the restoration of ecosystems. Additionally, the sales from the game's soundtrack will be donated to further support conservation efforts. Through gameplay, real-world tree planting, and supporting the soundtrack, players are encouraged to actively participate in the fight against climate change and make a positive difference in the world.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 7th 2023