Gaming for Wildlife


Island Questaway

Earth Day Event

The entire month of June will be dedicated to "wildlife preservation" and the Green Game Jam. Prior to the main event, small changes take place on the player's farms - harlequin toads and traces of environmental pollution appear. When the event starts the player goes to a unique location where they learn about harlequin toads and save their habitat from the main antagonist, the industrial tycoon Weiss.

Players get access to a 28-day battle pass dedicated to the ocean and stingrays. Players also receive a new pet - a Himalayan tiger cub, which can be purchased. Furthermore, a permanent mini-game will change its base skin to an endangered animal skin, and there will be a unique set of "eco-friendly" decor and skins for buildings.

Supporting the Amazon and Himalayas
Play this activation between June 1st - 30th 2023