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June's Journey

June's Journey Wildlife Week

Wooga is inviting players to participate in three time-limited events in June's Journey and collect never-before-seen decoration items representing animals from the Himalayan ecosystem. Wildlife Week challenges the player community to collect 500,000 animal decorations. Once players reach this milestone, Wooga will make a significant contribution to the Snow Leopard Trust, an organization working tirelessly on the ground to protect the Himalayas and the majestic snow leopard.

If the milestone is reached, every player who has collected at least one animal decoration will also get a never-before-seen decoration for free.

The campaign goal will be to protect snow leopards in the Himalayas via our players' efforts, supporting these activities:

- Camera trapping to monitor snow leopard populations in the Upper Spiti landscape and other parts of Himachal Pradesh
- Long-term monitoring of snow leopard prey
- Annual census for livestock population and mortality across 40 local villages

These activities are fundamental to protecting the wildlife of the Himalayan mountains.

Although the in-game events will run for only one week, the entire campaign will last around two weeks, giving players a lot of engaging content and chances to make a positive environmental impact: the possibility to donate privately to support the Snow Leopard Trust, community contests on social media channels, as well as an exciting educational video about the snow leopards in the Leipzig Zoo. Lastly, June’s Journey will collect player feedback about this campaign via an in-game survey, to apply it to future green activities.

Supporting the Himalayas
Play this activation between May 31st - June 6th 2023