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Love & Pies

Toads in Trouble

The harlequin toads are in trouble, but the Love & Pies characters are here to help!

We want to ensure the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and protect the incredible species living there. To that end, Trailmix will treat our Love & Pies community to a special event for the Green Game Jam 2023. 

In ‘Toads in Trouble,’ players join Amelia as she and her friends rally together to raise awareness for the harlequin toad. When Amelia’s daughter hears that this special species is in threat of extinction in the Amazon, the locals build a toad-friendly sanctuary, learn about renewable farming and how to spot sustainable produce, and reflect on the riches of the rainforest.

Unlocking the story and decorations is simple, as players get points for every merge they make! For the first time ever, Trailmix will count ALL merges made by our Love & Pies players and put those points towards a community goal. At the end, every player who contributes to the goal, no matter their personal points, will receive an exclusive decoration for their sanctuary.

The road to the community goal features fun facts about the harlequin toad, sustainability labels, the Amazon, and the Green Game Jam itself. Players can easily access the Green Game Jam impact portal from the ‘Toads in Trouble’ event and contribute to the overall GGJ goal. Trailmix will also promote both the Green Game Jam and Toads in Trouble regularly through our social media channels.

We know that not everyone can transform their lifestyle or contribute financially, so ‘Toads in Trouble’ promotes community action and shows that even small changes can make a big difference. We want to empower our community to take positive environmental action, feel hopeful that change is possible, and be reminded that together, we can accomplish great things.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 8th 2023