Gaming for Wildlife


Minion Rush

Join us in protecting Indian Ocean Ecosystems and help safeguard the lives of manta rays

Minions are taking on a challenging adventure, this time they are resisting the Garbage Villian whose insidious plan is to take the Indian Ocean and all its inhabitants. Ingenious Doctor Nefario supplied the little yellow creatures with a freshly-developed underwater vacuum garbage cleaner to help manta rays and their friends to survive against the enemy.

Awareness will be raised on climate changes and its multiple impacts on biodiversity by inviting players to contribute to the protection of Manta Rays by acquiring a special in-game offer selling Snorkeler and Deep Diver minion costumes (two in one offer). The game will make players aware of the impact of climate change on the planet, and all the species habitats, and hopes that in the future players will actively participate to their protection starting by thinking how they could act in a more responsible way in their daily activities.

Supporting the Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between June 6th - 14th 2023