Gaming for Wildlife

Bandai Namco Entertainment America


Play for the Himalayas

In the Play for the Himalayas campaign, players join Pac-Man as they traverse a unique adventure map featuring 20 maze levels and 3 bonus mazes. Along the way, players can collect cards and complete a PAC-Album of the same theme. This engaging experience has a noble goal of raising awareness about the significance of wildlife in the ecosystem, with a particular focus on preserving snow leopards in the Himalayan region. As players immerse themselves in the journey, they learn and discover ways to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Players will encounter bite-sized information about the situations of snow leopards in the Himalayas in-game as well as on official social media channels. They will also have the opportunity to visit informative websites to further understand the importance of wildlife and biodiversity conservation. Additionally, adults can contribute donations to the Snow Leopard Trust to support snow leopards and their environment.

Supporting the Himalayas
Play this activation between June 1st - December 31st 2023