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Mysteries of Mantas

In a 4-day event from May 2nd to May 5th, players of our game will engage in ship management activities while learning fun facts about manta rays and how to responsibly interact with them. The event aims to raise awareness about the ecosystem of the West Indian Ocean and the challenges faced by endangered manta rays.

Players will have the opportunity to contribute by purchasing unique game content, supporting the cause of preserving the marine life in the West Indian Ocean. As a token of appreciation, players will receive special items—a manta ray profile picture and a manta ray monument for their city.

The activation features relatable characters, including a marine biologist and an inquisitive young boy, who will educate players about manta rays and their significance as indicators of a healthy environment. By integrating engaging storytelling and informative dialogue, we hope to inspire players to take action.

Through this event, players will not only enjoy the gameplay experience but also gain knowledge about manta rays and the importance of protecting their habitat in the West Indian Ocean.

Supporting the Western Indian Ocean
Play this activation between June 2nd - 5th 2023