Gaming for Wildlife



Amazon Rainforest Journey

Our game's special Amazon Rainforest Themed journey mode offers players over 80 exclusive levels, showcasing captivating artwork inspired by the Amazon Rainforest and its endangered species. By taking over our most played alternate game mode, we ensure maximum player reach and impact.

Throughout the journey, pop-ups will provide information on wildlife and biodiversity, guiding players to our campaign page where they can learn more and make donations. This activation aims to raise awareness among our millions of players, encouraging them to contribute to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

To demonstrate our commitment to wildlife conservation, we will make a studio donation as part of the Green Game Jam 2023. We hope that our contribution will inspire players to join us in supporting this important cause.

By incorporating beautiful artwork and informative messaging, we aim to educate players about the significance of wildlife and biodiversity, specifically within the Amazon Rainforest. The journey mode offers an engaging player experience with themed awards, further immersing players in the importance of the ecosystem.

From the game landing page, players can easily access the journey mode, where they will navigate through two 84-level maps over the course of a week. The Amazon Rainforest theme is embedded within the maps and levels, providing an immersive experience. Together, we can make a difference by raising awareness, educating players, and fostering a commitment to protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between May 27th - June 10th 2023