Gaming for Wildlife


State of Survival

The Apocalypse is already happening to animals.

State of Survival's Green Game Jam activation consists of two parts: in-game content and a game website.

The game website will show a full-of-life Amazon environment in which, as time goes by, the deforestation and destruction of the Amazon starts to happen at an accelerated pace. Players will see and hear how animals and trees disappear until the website goes completely black, and the sentence “the apocalypse is already happening to animals,” starts to appear in the background.

This Activation will create real-world impact by raising awareness of the negative human influence on the Amazon and how having more information about this can lead to better decision making and increased future involvement. It will educate players on the importance of wildlife and biodiversity preservation in the Amazon and raise awareness on how to offset the already negative impact of the human presence on the flora and fauna. On top of that Funplus will be making a financial contribution to safeguard the lives of harlequin toads in the Amazon.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 7th 2023