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TrainStation 2

Ghost of the Himalayas

In TrainStation 2, players embark on a special week-long event set in the Himalayas, where they manage trains and encounter a captivating story. The event follows Roger, a wildlife researcher, and Parvati, a local veterinarian, as they address environmental issues and seek to save a wounded snow leopard. Through quests and interactions with characters, players learn about the ecosystem and endangered species of the Himalayas.

To support the cause, players have the option to donate by purchasing a special offer, receiving unique items for their city and a snow leopard profile picture. By integrating relatable characters and an engaging storyline, the activation aims to raise players' awareness about the environmental challenges faced in the Himalayas.

The event allows players to contribute and make a difference by taking part in quests and earning event currency. This currency can be used to obtain items from the event shop, which players can keep even after the event concludes. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the "Himalaya offer" purchases will be donated to Milkywire.

The event begins on June 1, with players unlocking the Himalayan map and completing 40 quests over the course of seven days. After the event concludes, players have 24 hours to collect their rewards. The activation not only offers an immersive player journey but also raises awareness about environmental issues and encourages players to take action.

Supporting the Himalayas
Play this activation between June 1st - 8th 2023