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Tray Racers

Toad Mode Update

The Tray Racers! Green Game Jam Activation is all about the Toads. Enter a lush variation of the Mangroves biome filled with ferns and streams. But wait... instead of setting the fastest time on the slope there is a new way to play! help the Harlequin Toads hiding throughout the track to safety by giving them a little lift from the murky polluted pools to the sparkling waters at the finish line. When time is up the champion Toad transporter is revealed on the podium.

Tray Racers! will raise awareness of the Green Game Jam through social media around the update, as well as through in-game information where the game will direct players to a landing page to learn more and support the conservation efforts around the Harlequin Toad.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation starting June 5th 2023 - indefinitely