Gaming for Wildlife


Triple Tile

Amazon Rainforest Scrapbook

Our game introduces a special Daily Challenge event focused on the Amazon Rainforest, featuring unique themed tiles and a collection of images showcasing endangered wildlife like the Harlequin Toad. Collaborating with partner games, Woodoku and Solitaire, we aim to raise awareness and celebrate the Amazon.

To support the Green Game Jam 2023 collective goal, our studio will make a donation, encouraging players to contribute as well. We provide resources on our website for players to learn about the Amazon and understand their impact, inspiring them to take action.

Players are invited to participate in the Amazon-themed daily challenge upon opening the app. Each completed level rewards them with a piece of a scrapbook to collect. Pop-ups during the week will prompt players to learn more about the event and how they can make a difference in protecting the ecosystem. Through informative gameplay and engagement, we aim to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and appreciation for the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest.

Supporting the Amazon
Play this activation between June 1st - 8th 2023