Gaming for Wildlife

MAG Interactive

MAG Interactive

Wildlife Special (QuizDuel), Mountain Journey event (Ruzzle), Brainy's Himalayan Quest (Word Brain), Snow Leopard Event (Word Domination)

In our gaming activations, we celebrate wildlife, particularly the snow leopard, while supporting the conservation efforts in the Himalayas.

With the Himalaya Solo Event in QuizDuel, players immerse themselves in the snow leopard's mountain environment, while the Wildlife Special Quiz raises awareness about endangered animals and habitats. Word Domination offers a Collection Event where players collect snow leopard paws for exclusive rewards, and Ruzzle features a Solo Event with Himalayan creatures as opponents. WordBrain's activation involves collecting hidden paws in the game boards.

These activations aim to deepen players' understanding of fragile ecosystems and the importance of protecting the snow leopard. Through donations and raising awareness, we take action on the climate crisis and support the Snow Leopard Trust and the conservation of the Himalayas.

Supporting the Himalayas
Play these activations in Quizduel between May 19th - June 23rd 2023 / in Word Domination between June 1st - 14th 2023 / in Ruzzle between June 5th - 18th 2023 / in Word Brain between June 1st - 18th 2023