Bornholm Game Days

Bornholm Game Days (#BGD) is a Nordic game community and yearly invite-only event where game industry thought-leaders meet under informal and productive conditions to discuss not only the creation of games, but also the role of interactive entertainment in society. We aim to actively encourage and celebrate those that develop our sector from within and evolve as leaders for business, culture and talent. In 2019 The Climate Agenda was elected to be #BGD Theme of the year. This commitment is an among other initiatives a direct result.

Bornholm Game Days will:

  • Develop – an online Climate Handbook for Game Companies. The handbook will include best practices examples of climate initiatives in the full game production lifecycle. The purpose of the initiative is multiple and aims to reach the whole game industry – starting with the Nordics.
  • Gather existing game industry initiatives
  • Create awareness about the climate agenda in the process of making the handbook
  • Give a concrete action-based tool to game companies on how to get started with the climate agenda
  • Share knowledge in regard to the climate agenda between game companies.

The following companies from the Bornholm Game Days community are part of the P4TP alliance: Avalanche Studios Group, BetaDwarf Entertainment, Embracer Group, LandFall, Massive Entertainment, Nordisk Film Games and Reto Moto.

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