Pixel Federation

Pixel Federation, is a Slovak game development company based in Bratislava. with 15 published games, which has so far been played by more than 120 million players worldwide.  Pixel Federation has developed into a company with more than 260 employees and more than 50 million cumulative annual turnover. That is why Pixel Federation strives to improve the environment around it by supporting a number of projects, especially in the field of education and the environment. Pixel Federation will:

  • Inspire action through on-the-grid green events targeted at reforestation and the Green Game Jam 2022.
  • Save at least 1.000 trees in Small Carpathians in 2022 and plant at least 20 trees in 2022.
  • Explore potential for blended on and off the grid correlated action.
  • Map out their carbon footprint and reduce it by 5% in 2022 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.
  • Support a new off-the-grid educational innovation targeted at circular economy with at least 30 students going through the educational programme.
  • Join/lead a thematic working group within the Alliance.
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