Humble and Playing for the Planet release bundle for World Environment Day

June 11, 2024

We’re excited to announce this latest partnership with Alliance member Humble Bundle - offering seven beautifully crafted, heartfelt games at a steal of a discount, with proceeds going to the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN).

This charity, which supports community-led solutions to alleviate hunger worldwide, was chosen by Humble Bundle but has a close relationship to all three themes of this year’s Green Game Jam (food, waste and restoration). The GFN use food banks to address food insecurity, issues of food waste and participate in restorative agricultural schemes. In 2022, the charity reached 32 million people and prevented 1.5 billion kilograms of CO2 emissions.

This selection of games in particular, however, celebrate nature and the spirit of adventure. Not only do they draw attention to the beauty of our planet, but they ask us how far we can travel, and what we can do differently to solve the problems ahead of us. This is an ethos that is crucial to overhauling unsustainable systems that drive the breakdown of our natural world.

In Alba: A Wildlife Adventure from Alliance member ustwo games, players work to save the wildlife of an idyllic Mediterranean island by cleaning it up and taking photos - reminding the inhabitants of its beauty and motivating them to join in. At the same time, titles like Beyond Blue from Alliance member E-Line media and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees from Broken Rules show us even more of that beauty in faithful recreations of the deepest seas and jungles.

Meanwhile, Never Alone, crafted in partnership with Alaska Native storytellers and elders, offers a deep dive into the traditional lore of the Iñupiat people. Developed by Upper One Games and published by Alliance member E-Line media, it sits well alongside stories like Lake from Gamious, a return-to-nature tale of a software developer back from the big city, and Carto from Sunhead Games, a puzzle adventure asking us to rearrange the map itself.

These games offer a suggestion of another way of living; one that, in its respect and reverence for the natural world, is infinitely more sustainable. We see this perhaps most explicitly in Before We Leave from Balancing Monkey Games - in a non-violent universe of hexagonal planets, players rebuild civilization all over again.

A beautifully curated bundle, these games get to the heart of green storytelling when taken as a whole. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Purchase the whole bundle here.